Jewelz & Sparks Interview

Jewelz & Sparks Interview

Finding success from the get-go, German DJ/production duo Jewelz & Sparks started out with their minimalist peaktime bangers “Toxic Rush” and “Flashbang” in 2012.  Over the next couple of...

A Beer with Katie

"It's kind of brought Irish people around the world together." Last week, Katie M posted a picture of a response she received while inquiring about a teaching job in South Korea. If you are not...

Production Tips & Tricks From Korea

MUSIC PRODUCTION TIPS & TRICKS We asked some of South Korea's most accomplished music producers if they could give us a tip that they think is most useful for production.  If you are starting out at...

Pikachu Show Time

Pikachu Parade Seoul will hold a two day celebration to honor the first Korean gamer to win the Pokemon video game pro championship. Pokemon Champions day will be held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza...

Seoul Subway

The Seoul subway system can be a daily chore. ElectRow sheds some light on the tips and tricks on how to navigate the Seoul subway system with ease.
Red Bull Music Academy Clubnight Just Blaze

Just Blaze / E Sens

GRAMMY AWARD WINNING PRODUCER JUST BLAZE PLAYS AN INCREDIBLE SET IN GANGNAM October 25th was a busy night culturally in the Korean capital of Seoul. Halloween parties and live shows a plenty, the best event...

Mercedes Me Pop-up

Das Auto: Mercedes Me Pop-up In 2014 Mercedes continues to push the automotive boundary with the redesign of their A class automobiles.  They are also pushing the promotional boundary by hosting their first...
Elect Row Culture Shock

Teaching in South Korea

The struggle: Teaching in South Korea As a teacher, I am prone to moments of sheer panic. Moments when I suddenly wonder "what if I never make a difference?" I started teaching so that I could inspire the...